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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

2002 Project Summary

For summer 2002, there are 8 students and 8 faculty members working on 8 different projects. Two faculty members are involved with multiple projects.

Discipline Number of Projects
Biology 1
Dance 1
Education 1
Government 1
Math & Computer Science 1
Music 1
Psychology 1

TOTAL: 8 disciplines, 3 math/natural science

List of Projects:

Cay Anderson-Hanley, Psychology
Jesse Bank '03
Pet Interactions for Institutionalized Participants: Psychological Benefits and Moderating Factors

Beau Breslin, Government
Jared Gottlieb '04
Elevating Associate Justices: The Recipe for Downplaying Ideology in the Appointment of the Chief Justice

Lenora de la Luna, Education
Jacqueline Callahan
Enhancing Mentoring Practices Between and Among College Faculty, Student Teachers, and Cooperating Teachers

Alice Dean, Mathematics & Computer Science
Natalia Veytsel '03
Visibility Representations of Graphs

Debra Fernandez, Dance
Nina Saraceno '03
Focused Creative Exploration

Pat Fidopiastis, Biology
Choai Heng Wong '04
The Role of Capsule Formation in the Symbiotic Colonization of Squid by Vibrio Fischeri

Anthony Holland, Music
Alex Kraus '03
MonsterScope and Supercollider: Development of stand-alone object oriented computer applications for interactive music technology tutorials

Bernie Possidente, Biology
Bond Caldaro '04
Spectral Properties of Circadian Clock Responses to Light Stimuli