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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

2001 Project Summary

For summer 2001, there are 11 students and 11 faculty members working on 11 different projects. Zero faculty members are involved with multiple projects.

Discipline Number of Projects
Biology 3
Chemistry 1
English 1
Foreign Language and Literature 1
Government 2
Management and Business 1
Physics 1
Psychology 1

TOTAL: 8 disciplines, 5 math/natural science

List of Projects:

Beau Breslin, Government
Jon Eick '02
Free Speech and Internet Violence: A Justification for Broad Constitutional Protection

Mao Chen, Foreign Languages
Megan Erica Rhodes '03
Women as Culturally Defined: A Study of Culture and Gender in Contemporary China

Mary Crone, Physics
David Kahler '02
Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies: The BCD-DIrr Connection

Joanne Devine, English
Jeffrey E. Smith '02
Phonological Instruction to Novice Speakers of a Foreign Language

David Domozych, Biology
Rachel A. Roberts '04
Establishment of a Protoplast Cycle in the Unicellular Green Alga, Closterium acerosum

Corey Freeman-Gallant, Biology
Elizabeth M. Johnson '02
Female Mating Fidelity and the Avoidance of Inbreeding in a Dimorphic Warbler, the Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas)James Kennelly, Management & Business

Anatoly Ostrovsky '03
The Evolution and Future Prospects of Dairy Cooperatives in New York State: Case Studies on the Dairylea and Agri-Mark Cooperatives

Bernie Possidente, Biology
Susan Kur '02
Rat Model for Androgenic Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Robert Turner, Government
Greg Thall '02
Reforming the Electoral College: The Partisan and Policy Consequences of the District System

Flip Phillips, Psychology
Martin Voshell '02
Further Investigations of the Impact of Texture Attributes on Object Perception

David Weiss, Chemistry
Christopher Tom '03
Infrared Spectroscopic Investigation of Phase Transitions in Marine Aerosols