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Skidmore College
Health Services

Gender Affirming Care

Laboratory testing 

When a provider outside of Skidmore Health Services is managing your hormones, lab work ordered by your outside provider can be performed at the Health Center. Please ask your current provider to fax a copy of lab orders to 518-580-5556. The orders will be reviewed to confirm that there is no special handling that prohibits us from collecting the test.  We will call you to schedule an appointment or provide alternative locations. 

Assistance with injections 

Nurses in Health Services are available to assist students with learning how to self-inject hormones as prescribed. Students may bring a friend or partner with them to learn these steps or to provide support. Many students feel more comfortable giving themselves injections after one or two visits with a nurse. 

Gender Inclusive Bathrooms 

All bathrooms within the Health Center are gender inclusive. 


All services and conversations with Health Center staff are considered Personal Health Information and thus require a specific release of information to be shared with anyone outside of Health Services. Unless authorized, Health Center staff may not share information about gender identity with parents or guardians.