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Skidmore College
Health Services

Medical Marijuana 

The use, possession, or cultivation of marijuana or cannabis for medical purposes is not allowed in any Skidmore housing or at any other Skidmore property; nor is it allowed at any college sponsored event or activity off campus. 

Students' use of marijuana (or any other drug) on college premises is strictly forbidden and subject to action under the Student Code of Conduct. Students may also face civil or criminal sanctions for the unlawful possession, use or sale of marijuana under the NYS Law. 

Recent updates to New York State law have de-criminalized small amounts of marijuana or cannabis for persons over 21 years of age and also permit the use of medical marijuana. Students who have valid medical marijuana prescriptions may petition the College for a waiver of their requirements to live on campus (ie petition to live off campus). Federal laws (including the Controlled Substances Act and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act) prohibit marijuana use, possession and/or cultivation at educational institutions and on the premises of other recipients of federal funds. Therefore, even students with medical marijuana prescriptions will not be able to possess or use marijuana on the Skidmore campus.  

Updated 8/2022