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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

E. Recitals
5. Senior Jazz Recitals

Students who wish to perform a senior jazz recital or include jazz in their program must follow the following regulations:

a. Students must have prepared scores for the music they plan to include on their program.

b. Students who plan to include other musicians on their recital must have prepared parts for those musicians.

c. Scores and parts must make a clear delineation between composed and improvised sections.

d. At least half of a full recital of jazz must be prepared at the time of the audition.

e. By audition time the student should have completed the score and the musicians should have rehearsed the music to the instructor's satisfaction.

f. The clear focus of the audition and the recital is on the student who is presenting the recital.

g. One selection should feature a substantial improvisation by which faculty members can judge the solo performer's specific ability in this area.

h. Other performers should limit their improvisations.

i. The principal instructor (full- or part-time) should be present at the audition. If this is not possible, then the instructor should prepare a letter describing the student's abilities and level of preparation.

j. The student should have a draft of explanatory program notes prepared. These notes should include as a minimum:

  1. Sources of the music (composers, performances serving as a model of this performance, dates of composers/performances, etc.)
  2. The reasoning behind the selection of the program.
  3. A clear explanation of any philosophical or theoretical issues that the soloist plans to address in his or her music.

k. Students must consult the concert manager in order to reserve a recital date. Only the concert manager can write the reservation in the Music Department calendar.