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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

I. Accompanists

  1. Skidmore accompanists provide services according to the policies set forth in the Performance Handbook.
  2. A week before the first day of classes, accompanists will provide studio faculty with their availability for that semester. Services rendered beyond the stated schedule will be provided at the discretion of the accompanist and may require a fee. Services are 30 minutes each.
  3. Each semester studio faculty may request, within the guidelines set forth in the Performance Handbook, accompanying services for selected students. Along with the requested number of hours for lessons and rehearsals, the faculty member will state planned performances of each student, such as Concerto Competition, recital, master class, or student recital. If a student is not assigned time with an accompanist at the beginning of the semester, they cannot request time later in the semester.
  4. Accompanists will provide both studio faculty and students receiving accompanying services with a schedule for the semester and a copy of the regulations set forth in the Performance Handbook.
  5. Music minors or non-music majors will receive no more than three hours of service per semester.
  6. Accompanists will perform for the voice performance class, but without rehearsals.
  7. Students requiring the services of a staff accompanist for the Concerto Competition or for a senior recital audition should be sure to make arrangements with the accompanist for rehearsals and audition performance at least six weeks in advance of the competition or audition date. If students ask for the services of an accompanist after this, the accompanist may use his/her discretion about whether or not to play for the student. In all cases, singers and instrumentalists should respect the accompanists' time in regard to rehearsals and choice of repertoire.
  8. Students using a departmental accompanist for a full or shared recital (excluding approved senior recitals, with the student enrolled in MP 375) will be charged an accompanist fee. The fee for a full recital is $250. The fee for shared recitals is $125 for each student. The music department covers the full fee ($250) for senior majors giving a full recital. For other students doing a full recital, the student is responsible for $125 and the music department covers the other $125. For students who share a full recital, each student is responsible for $75 and the music department covers $100.
  9. Students needing a staff accompanist to perform on student recitals should notify the accompanist at least three weeks before the recital. After that time, the decision to perform is at the discretion of the accompanist. Before committing to a recital date, the student must make sure the accompanist is available on that date.
  10. Students must notify accompanists if they cannot attend a rehearsal or lesson.
  11. Students using a student accompanist should have the approval of the applied music teacher before the recital.
  12. Accompanists are not required to make up rehearsals missed by the students for which cancellation notice of less than 24 hours was given.
  13. Accompanists are required to make up only one rehearsal for which advance notice of 24 hours was given.
  14. Rehearsals/coachings must be scheduled at least one week in advance. Students must give accompanists music at least two weeks in advance.
  15. Student must learn and have a working knowledge of music prior to rehearsal. Rehearsal/coaching will be forfeited if music is not prepared. Coaching will address phrasing, diction (where applicable), ensemble, and interpretation.
  16. Juries that require accompanists must be scheduled in conjunction with the accompanist's schedule.
  17. Accompanists will not be contracted to perform on Sundays.