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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

C. Juries and Grading Policies

  1. Every student taking applied music lessons for credit must take a final performance examination (jury) at the end of each semester. Students who present a faculty-screened pre-recital audition the semester before a recital are exempt from the jury for that semester and for the semester of the recital, unless the recital is sufficiently close to the beginning of the semester so as to warrant a jury to examine new repertoire. Teacher discretion applies.
  2. Juries will be approximately 10 minutes in length.
  3. Studios will provide written comments to students after the juries. Jury forms are provided online.
  4. Although juries influence a semester grade as much as one letter grade up or down, grading policies are up to the individual studio teacher.
  5. The location, date, and time of juries is up to the instructors within each performance area.