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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

A. Pre-Registration and Audition Requirements

1. An interview/audition may be required of all students wishing to take private lessons. Students should check with faculty members in their desired performance area for interview and audition requirements. Auditions for new students are generally held at the beginning of each semester. Consult individual instructors for exact time and location.

2. In the case of guitar, voice, and piano, students not accepted for lessons on the basis of the interview/audition may, upon the suggestion of the instructor, enroll in class instruction, if available. Students not accepted for lessons must unenroll.

3. Both returning and new students should fill out a preliminary class schedule form (available in Room 203) no later than the second day of classes, and either place it in their instructor's mailbox or email it to them. Students may contact the department secretary for their instructor's phone number or email address if necessary.

4. Although students' schedules may change, it is important that students hand in their schedules to their instructor promptly so that a lesson can be scheduled for the first week of classes if possible.

5. If a returning student does not report for lessons by the end of the first week of classes, his/her space may be given to other qualified students from those who auditioned.

6. Students must obtain the approval from their private teacher through online registration. After receiving approval, the student must proceed to register for the class, either for credit or, with permission of the instructor, as an audit.

7. The student will also fill out and sign the "Private Lesson Contract" and give it to their teacher or to the department administrative assistant.

8. Applied music instructors are not responsible for making up lessons due to a student's late enrollment, unless the performance faculty is unable to start teaching until after the drop/add period.