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Music Department


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Students must complete the following:

  1. MU 241, MU 242;

  2. two additional MU courses from the following: MU 100, MU 103, MU 106, MU 205, MU 208W, MU 220, MU 255, MU 304, MU 309, MU 310, MU 314, MU 315, MU 316, MU 317, MU 320MU 343, MU 344, MU 345, MU 352, and MU 355;
  3. three semesters of private musical instruction in one area of performance; and

  4. three semesters of ensemble selected from course offerings listed under Skidmore Ensembles.


MP 281, MP 281X: Private instruction in instrumental or vocal performance is available to all students on an audition/interview basis and as studio space permits. The fee for private instruction is $660 per semester for forty five-minute lessons, $880 per semester for one-hour lessons. Students majoring in music are exempt from these fees during four semesters of private instruction. Scholarship aid is available for all students; see the department chair for details.

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