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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

K. Small Jazz Ensemble Practice Regulations

  1. Students in small jazz ensembles may rehearse their groups in Zankel Room 29. There is a sign-up sheet on the door. Currently registered groups may choose an additional weekly two-hour time and block it off for the semester. Groups forfeit their use if they have not arrived by 15 minutes after the start time.
  2. Students registered for small jazz ensemble will have card-swipe access to the room.
  3. Only registered small jazz ensemble groups may use Room 29 for rehearsals. SJE equipment may not leave the room.
  4. Room 29 is not to be used for rehearsing your personal bands. Only officially registered combos may use the room and equipment.
  5. Other student groups may request use of the space if they are involved in an official Skidmore Music Department performance. These groups must request the use in advance by contacting the Music Department secretary.
  6. Students who break the rules or leave the room messy will lose access privileges. Please report any incidents or equipment problems to the Music Department secretary.