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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2018

E. Recitals
3. Senior Performance Recitals (Classical)

  1. Senior Recital Auditions require the presence of the Artists-in-Residence and any part-time or academic faculty who wish to attend.
    1. Students who wish to audition for a Senior Recital need to complete this audition form
    2. Solo Senior recital auditions will be 20 to 25 minutes in length. Students preparing classical recitals will present their auditions in front of the Artists-in-Residence and any part-time or academic faculty who wish to attend. Auditions are usually scheduled the last Friday morning of the semester before the recital is to take place. 
  2. A full senior performance recital should consist of approximately one hour of music, selected by the teacher and student. Complete recital time not to exceed 75 minutes including intermission and stage changes.
  3. Seniors wishing to present shared recitals will present a double jury (approximately 20 to 25 minutes long) in the presence of at least two faculty members, their teachers among them. Shared recitals may not be longer than 75 minutes including intermission and stage changes. These students do not enroll in MP375, and are not candidates for Departmental Honors.
  4. If the faculty approves the recital audition, the student continues preparation for completion of the recital in the spring semester.
  5. SCHEDULING of senior recitals is as follows:
    1. Seniors will have up to one week after their senior recital auditions to set their recital date. This must be done in the presence of the Managing Director of Zankel, who is the only person authorized to make the reservation. The concert manager’s office is located in room 111, Zankel.
    2. Music Majors presenting a senior recital and who have previously taken or are concurrently enrolled in the Senior Coda (MU 363), will enroll in MP 375 for three credits. Consult the current Catalog for details of the course.
  6. PROGRAM NOTES: All Senior Music Majors enrolled in MP 375 must write program notes for senior recitals, to be researched and written by the student. The program notes must be approved by the student's instructor. Senior Music Majors will be held to high standards of research and writing style. Program notes will be evaluated by the faculty as part of their decision towards departmental honors.
  7. PROGRAM: Two weeks before the recital, all student recitalists (major or non-major) must email the program to both their applied music teacher and the Music Department Administrative Assistant for printing. Please see F. Program Printing Regulations.