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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

B. Private Lessons

  1. Private music lessons on any instrument or voice are normally forty-five or 45 minutes long. An option to take a one-hour lesson may be recommended by the instructor. A total of 13 lessons will be given per semester.

  2. Students taking either a forty-five or 45 minute or a one-hour lesson once per week receive two academic credits. Students cannot take lessons for "no credit" or on a "pass-fail" basis. They may audit lessons with the approval of the instructor.

  3. Missed lessons:

    • All lessons missed due to the instructor's absence will be made up.
    • If a lesson is missed due to a holiday during the semester, and this creates a void in the 13-lesson semester, the lesson will be rescheduled.
    • Applied music instructors are not responsible for making up lessons because of a student's late enrollment unless the performance faculty member is unable to start teaching until after the drop/add date.   
    • If it is impossible for the student to take a lesson because of illness, the student must notify the instructor at the earliest possible moment. The instructor will make up one lesson per semester due to a student's illness.
    • Missed lessons will not be made up if the student fails to give prior notification to their instructor.
    • Instructors may provide a schedule with lesson times, phone numbers and email addresses of all students in that studio. If a legitimate situation arises where a student cannot attend a lesson, the student may attempt to switch their lesson time with another student. Students need to check with the individual instructor to see if this arrangement is offered, and notify the instructor (and accompanist where applicable) beforehand.
    • Policies for dealing with students who arrive late for a lesson are left to the discretion of the individual teacher.