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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

H. Sign-up for Student Recitals      

The department may organize student recitals inspired by a topic, a celebration of an event, or a particular composer.

  1. Students should have their teacher submit a Recital Approval Form with the teacher's signature to the artist-in-residence in charge of student recitals.
  2. No more than 80 minutes of actual playing time is allowed for the recital.
  3. Each student is limited to 12 minutes of actual playing time. Exceptions may be made if the total playing time of the recital is less than 80 minutes.
  4. Only students currently studying applied music in the Music Department are eligible to perform on a student recital.
  5. Rehearsals should be scheduled during the daytime or in the evening after ensemble rehearsals (orchestra, jazz ensemble, chorus, etc.). If it becomes clear that there is an evening slot open when there will not be any other events, that time may be used.
  6. To reserve rehearsal time in a performance space, you must contact the concert manager.