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Skidmore College
Music Department

Performance Handbook

Revised Fall 2011

E. Recitals
4. Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Recitals (Solo or Shared)

a. Non-seniors wishing to present a solo or shared recital will present a double jury (approximately 20 minutes of music from the proposed recital program) at the end of the semester preceding the anticipated recital. Jury faculty will evaluate the level of preparedness and quality of the jury performance.

b. Evaluating faculty reserve the right to deny the student if he or she is inadequately prepared.

c. If students plan to perform on more than one instrument in their recital, they must be taking private instruction with Skidmore music faculty in voice or whatever other instrument(s) they are planning to play, in addition to lessons on their primary instrument. In addition, they must perform a separate jury audition for each additional instrument (or voice).

d. Upon satisfactory completion of the extra juries, the teachers will approve the recital.

e. The recital may be held in Helen Filene Ladd Concert Hall or ELM, including the Payne Room at the Tang.

f.  Non-seniors may sign up for their recital date only after seniors have done so.

g. To reserve a recital date, students must consult the concert manager.

h. Students who do not pass the auditions may still be eligible, with the permission of the instructor and faculty discussion, to pursue other performance options.

i. Any memorization requirement is up to the individual teacher.