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Skidmore College
Life at Skidmore

Skidmore Student Stories

With over 120 clubs to join, 43 majors to study, hundreds of faculty members to learn from and more than 2,500 students to befriend, there are a lot of stories to tell at Skidmore.

Together, they represent a community of individuals, each experiencing a different piece of daily life on campus. Here, you’ll find stories by current students for prospective students that illustrate a few examples of Life at Skidmore.


  • Zoe+Pagliaro+
    by Zoe Pagliaro '20
    What does a week in the life of a Skidmore student look like? Here’s a look at one of my weeks in pictures, filled to the brim with things I’m passionate about.
  • Male+student+studying+in+the+library
    by Harry Mooney '21
    College can be demanding. Here are some steps I follow to minimize stress and stay healthy.
  • Student+studies+in+the+library+
    by Jenny Lupoff '19
    Finding your major can be a daunting journey. Luckily, there is no “right” path to take at Skidmore. Here, we’re encouraged to explore and with guidance from professors and interdisciplinary courses, we find our way.
  • Marley+Amico+teaches+in+a+classroom+in+Kenya
    by Marley Amico '19
    I drove from Saratoga Springs to New York City to catch a flight leaving JFK International Airport. Destination: Nairobi, Kenya. Nearly two days later, I stepped into what will likely be one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.
  • Brandon+Borges+skidmore+hockey+player+on+the+ice
    by Brandon Borges '21
    Years ago, if someone told me I was going to play hockey at Skidmore College, I wouldn’t have believed them for a second. Because I’m a first-generation college student and opportunities like this didn’t seem possible … until they were.
  • Murray-Aikins+Dining+Hall+at+Skidmore+College
    by Harry Mooney '21
    The award-winning Murray-Aikins Dining Hall is an essential part of student life at Skidmore. Serving a variety of delicious foods on an accommodating schedule, “D-Hall” provides students with comfort and flexibility.
  • Chicken+Fingers+being+tossed+in+the+air
    by Jenny Lupoff '19
    Friday at Skidmore means one thing: chicken fingers. But what happens when you combine an accident-prone first-year student, 3,000 pounds of chicken fingers and a suede bootie? Let me tell you about this fateful Chicken Finger Friday.
  • Skidmore+College+Campus
    by Nkosingiphile “NK” Mabaso '19
    It takes some time to know the ins and outs of a school—the lingo, layout, everyday tips and tricks. Well, lucky for you, I’m here to let you in on a few secrets. These “hacks” might make those cold winters, busy days, late nights and life at Skidmore run just a little smoother.
  • This+is+Skidmore+podcast+
    Max Fleischman '19, Doris Donelan '19 and Hannah Fishman '19 sit down with Robin Adams to discuss their efforts to boost voter registration. They cover topics of voter suppression, absentee ballots and how they are getting Skidmore students involved in this year's general election.
  • Harry+Mooney
    by Harry Mooney '21
    Hi! My name is Harry. Having just begun my second year at Skidmore, I find myself reflecting on how radically I have changed. Because college, for me, has been an opportunity to be open, embrace unfamiliarity and find the best version of myself.